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Welcome to ®Mytravelroom – designed to share with you and your fellow travellers.  I’m very excited to have your attention and interest and look forward to reading and seeing your stories, photos, and information about your own travel experiences and adventures on this website.

The genesis of ®Mytravelroom comes from a lifetime of loving travel.  It is, in my eyes, and apart from obvious reasons such as family, children, community – what life is all about. An adventure.

As a child of a family who moved every 2 years including time in the UK and SE Asia, the disruption excitement, and anticipation of the unknown became deeply embedded in my DNA.  So, travel is easy for me. The unfamiliar excites me.  As a consequence, over time reading about it, talking about it, and now writing about it, has become my passion.

As the old saying goes; “Do something you’re passionate about “.   So, after completing a 12-month Travel Journalism course through the New Zealand Writers College I needed to “hone” my newly minted skills and decide what it was I was going to do with them. 

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Please feel free, and welcome to write about any travel experience you would like to share. We offer a safe space where you can swap ideas, ask for travel advice, make suggestions, and tell us about your adventures and experiences.

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Traveling Vietnam -And Finding Our Favourite Food

As most of us know, Vietnam is renowned for its food. Fresh, tasty, and authentic. The Vietnamese people celebrate food and treat it as a time to get together with friends and family to share various plates of delicious food, cooked with love and care. We experienced this feeling of love and care in the…

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Travelling Vietnam – Hanoi City

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Travelling Vietnam – Final leg

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Travelling Vietnam -Ho Chi Minh City

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Traveling Vietnam- Hoi An

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  • Saudi Arabia “The Magic Kingdom”                   Time to visit UNESCO World Heritage site – Al-Balad,  Old Town of Jeddah
    Saudi Arabia “The Magic Kingdom” Time to visit UNESCO World Heritage site – Al-Balad, Old Town of Jeddah
  • Norway – No. Three of “The 3 Circles”
    Norway – No. Three of “The 3 Circles”
  • Independent in Istanbul
    Independent in Istanbul
  • Abruzzo, Italy – Who Knew ?
    Abruzzo, Italy – Who Knew ?

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Members of the Mytravelroom community have written these featured stories.   

Please click on each to learn more about where people travel and why they travel there. And maybe you’ll read something that entices you to travel there too. 

In the meantime, we would love you to share your travel stories, experiences, pictures, and comments.   

There is a new feature story every week.  Yours could be one of them.   

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It’s that easy.  Have fun and share your travel stories with Mytravelroom now.  

Thank you. 

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