I just got back from a weekend in “The Central Plateau” in the North Island of New Zealand. Namely a wee remote “desert” town called Turangi.

Fifty kilometres southwest of Taupo and skirted by volcanic mountains; Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro, which sit grandly in the World Heritage Tongariro National Park, Turangi is situated on the western side of the beautiful Tongariro River.

Originally settled by Māori – Ngati Turangitukua – around the 16th century. The township was built to house and provide amenities for the many workmen – (mainly Italian) – who came to build the Tongariro Power Scheme including the Rongipoi Hydro Dam between 1967 and 1982.

Now, it is a top destination for skiers, mountain bikers, rafters, hikers, and cyclists, and for world-famous fly fishing on the Tongariro River. Today, people, including many overseas tourists, visit for these various outdoor attractions and to take in the picturesque views and dramatic scenery.

It is also ideally situated as a rest stop. Call in for a pie, cup of coffee, or a sit-down meal on your way north or south. There is a great bakery and several pleasant cafes, (for more substantial eats), on offer in the small township.

Hydro Eatery“, situated in the town centre, provides good food and fabulous service. Then there’s “Creel” on the riverside of town. A small cozy little cafe providing lovely homemade food and coffee. It also happens to be a tackle shop so is very handy if you are in town to go fly fishing.

Or if you’re after a delicious pie then you cant go past “Turangi Bakery and Cafe“. Owned and run by Vietnamese bakers with a flair for producing simple, hearty and tasty goodies.

If you happen to be staying over in Turangi, then 5 kilometres north of the town centre you’ll find “The Hare and Copper“,(named after a fishing fly), serving delicious and adventurous tapas. It is a great place to visit for an evening meal. Bookings are essential.

So, if you’re staying or just passing through, Turangi is a town with plenty to offer. Including an array of interesting accommodation such as fishing lodges, a camping ground, and plenty of baches available via well known holiday rental sites.

Take a long weekend and your sense of adventure with you for a visit to this little town, which not only offers lots of attractions but is nestled next to the oldest national park in New Zealand. The cultural and deeply spiritual Tongariro National Park.

The little town of Turangi.

MTR offers further information:



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If you would like to find out more about Turangi New Zealand, please contact janeco@mytravelroom.co.nz

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