Tell us about your “Favourite Beach.”

In approx. three hundred words, tell us about your fav beach. Could you share your photos, too?

My favourite beach is

Fun and Vibrant Byron Bay

I’m lucky to live a stone’s throw from one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, but still, my choice of beach to visit when not going local is Byron Bay

My curiosity in Byron Bay grew with an increasing interest in yoga and all things laid back, relaxed, slightly hippy, and boho.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I had been told by various people it didn’t live up to its hype, but I beg to differ.

We enjoyed four nights at Byron Bay last year and were enchanted.  It offered everything for a relaxed and happy few days, away from our busy lives.


We stayed in a simple but comfortable motel. The Bay Motel is a 3-star establishment directly across the road from the beach. But there is more than just its famous beach to celebrate in Byron Bay. The motel is also a 50-100-metre walk to local cafes, bars, and restaurants. And within a leisurely stroll, there is also some good shopping.


There are lovely walks to enjoy along the sweeping bay of the beach or, just as appealing, along the beautiful boardwalk adjacent to the winding road. Enjoy some great “sightseeing” of the gorgeous homes dotted amongst the hillside bush.

Alternatively, head for the Cape Byron Lighthouse on the point heading east: Cape Byron Lighthouse. On your return, a dip in the temperate water is recommended.


In the evenings, among other eateries, we especially enjoyed a fabulous meal at Bang Bang. Atmospheric, casual chic, with delicious menu choices and next-level service. Bookings essential.

For a more casual outdoor vibe, try North Byron Hotel. It is friendly, roomy, and accommodates all combos of people. They are open all day and to the late hours as well. We strolled up unannounced and managed to find a table for two amongst the crowded many tables, benches and varieties of sitting arrangements .

Mytravelroom Tips

MTR suggests staying off-season.  We visited in late August and were told it is a very packed little town during peak times. Off-season has more temperate temperatures, too.

Don’t forget to tell us about your favourite beach and why.

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