Abruzzo, Italy – Who Knew ?

Drive round the Italy few people know

Written by Jo Malcolm

About 110 km east of Rome, right in the centre of Italy, Abruzzo; nestled in the Apennines, is one of the least-known regions in the country. Its capital city, L’Aquila, has just been awarded the coveted title of ‘Italian Capital of Culture 2026’ , and Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy” TV series is rumoured to be featuring Abruzzo soon. So now might be a good time to go, before everyone else does.

Abruzzo is distinctive in that it has an Alpine-Mediterranean climate, and the alpine part – in the west of the region – is rocky, cold, infertile, bleak, wild, remote and essentially hostile to human habitation. However it’s also majestic, beautiful, clear-aired and good for the soul.

Below is a pictorial account of those awe inspiring features captured during a drive I took there, which I think you will enjoy. It starts and ends in L’Aquila, takes about 3 hours, and covers some fabulous mountain scenery with fairytale ancient villages and a marvellous feeling of space, power, and restfulness too.

MTR Tip – If you’d like to know more, about travelling to & in Abruzzo, contact Jo via Janeco@mytravelroom.co.nz

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Recommended Listening: Allman Brothers Band – “Jessica

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