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The ®Mytravelroom site has been specifically developed with you, our fellow travellers in mind. 

 ®Mytravelroom is a safe and secure forum for you to share your travel experiences.  And your pictures, videos, written words, and links with others. 

This is not a review site. It’s a place to share ideas, advice, and suggestions, with fellow travellers.  

By all means include recommendations, shout-outs, and thoughts on accommodation, service received, places you’ve eaten or imbibed, airlines you’ve flown with, etc., during your travel journey. 

This forum is for fun, positive, interactive, and sharing travel experiences.  Most importantly it is designed to be welcoming and a place where you feel safe to share and enjoy other people’s experiences in return.

There are no specifics on the type of travel you can tell us about, so if you’ve recently experienced, for example – a particularly interesting or memorable business trip, intrepid trip, green trip, or cruise trip – please tell us about it.  Each travel experience is unique. Tell us about yours and let’s start sharing.

Be reassured any information, details, and data you choose to provide on ®Mytravelroom is not shared outside this site.  It is safe and kept private.      

For more details, please read ®Mytravelroom’s TnCs and privacy policy at the bottom of the website page.

So,  a warm welcome to you. Your next step is easy. Simply click the “Your Stories” field in the menu bar.  Sign up and share your travel experiences as often as you wish and whenever you choose.  

The ®Mytravelroom community is excited to welcome you, connect with you, and share travel experiences, advice, and suggestions while having fun together. ®Mytravelroom is your travel-sharing community.

Let’s get started.

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